The body is an ecosystem.

(This is the first post in a series on my philosophy of herbalism. The posts in the series will alternate over the next couple of weeks with posts on herbs and food.)

The body is an ecosystem, and the basic principles of ecology are useful to herbalists:

1. Relationship. All systems of the body relate to and rely on each other.

2. Pattern. The relationships within the body form recognizable patterns.

3. Networks. The patterns in relationships within the body form networks.

4. Self-organization. These networks give the body an innate intelligence.

5. Flexibility. The body’s intelligence gives it the capacity to adapt and evolve.

6. Relationship. The body is part of the ecosystems it moves in.

A thorough understanding of the body as an ecosystem is the foundation of a truly vitalist herbalism—an herbalism that can work with the body’s innate intelligence in support of vitality.

Next in this series: The body is not a war zone.

NB: These principles of ecology come from the essay “Ecology and Community” by Fritjof Capra, available from the Center for Ecoliteracy.

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    […] (This is the second post in a series on herbal philosophy. The first post was The body is an ecosystem.) […]

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