Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-05-17

  • Frustrated that the USDA plants site is down. #
  • At an herbal consult last week… Client: Can I make my tinctures with moonshine? Me: Why not? (I love being an herbalist in West Virginia.) #
  • So glad Matt Wood included tuliptree in the New World volume of the Earthwise Herbal! #
  • Wondering where the hops will climb, now that they’ve reached the porch roof… #
  • Trying to fix my poor hacked blog. (Thanks, Ellen, for letting me know!) #
  • On my way up the mountain with plant-geeky friends! #
  • So excited about the lovely calamus patch I found on the mountain today! #
  • Our neighbor’s eggs with our other neighbor’s scallions and a morel from yesterday’s walk on the mountain. #
  • The boy is an ice-cream-making fiend. This time: rose petal. #

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