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Whorled yellow loosestrife: bright eyes.

brighteyes.JPGWhorled yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia) is sometimes called “crosswort” (for the shape the leaves make) or “liberty tea” (think Boston Tea Party). But I call it “bright eyes.” That’s because it makes your eyes bright. Really now.

If you have a few plants around (it likes open woods and scrubby thickets in East-Central US and Canada), try chewing on a bit of leaf or flower. See what happens.

You might find your eyes get wider. And you notice things you didn’t see before. Your vision might be sharper.

You also might find that it settles you down. You might feel a bit more “grounded.” You might notice that your center of gravity’s in your gut, where it should be.

I’m having fun playing with this little primrose-family weed. It’s astringent, but also relaxing. It’s calming, but also brightening. The flowers are sweet, the leaves a bit sharp. It grows where it likes—in sand or clay, in acid soils or alkaline, in sun or shade. It’s not terribly common, but not rare either. Its leaves and flowers are spread out evenly around its stalk, and I think that might be a clue to something.

Bright eyes is an herb for evenness. For settling. For paying attention.

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