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Thinking blogger award.

Kevin over at Life has taught us… very sweetly gave me this:


As far as I can tell, this is how the “Thinking Blogger Award” works:

If someone gives you the award, you have the opportunity to name five blogs that “make you think.” In naming those five blogs, you are bestowing upon each of them a Thinking Blogger Award. And so on. (I don’t know much about memes. In fact, I’m a bit suspicious of such things. But I’m going to give this one a try.)

Here are five blogs that inspire me to look at things in new ways (as good a definition of “thinking” as any I know).

Ethicurean: new ways to look at food.

City Farmer: new ways to look at farming.

Pocahontas County Fare: new ways to look at the land I grew up on.

Henriette’s Herbal and Medicine Woman’s Roots: new ways to look at plants.

So that’s five. There are clearly more than that. But the rules of the game said five. There are more good blogs right over there —-> in my blogroll.

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Invitation to an herbal blog party.

What: An herbal blog party!

When: The last day of each month.

Who: Plant writers of all species.

Host for May: The Herbwife’s Kitchen.

Theme for May: Forgotten herbs.

Directions: Sometime during the month of May, write a blogpost about an herb that’s not commonly used by herbalists these days. It might be a regional herb, a neglected weed, or something that’s not generally thought to be “medicinal.” It should be an herb that you won’t find on a health food store shelf, or in popular herb books. Include this link——and send me a note when your post is up—rebecca {AT}

On May 31, come by and join the party!

PS: If you’re interested in hosting an herbal blog party or if you have ideas for future themes, please email me!

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Oh my goodness.

This from Henriette this morning:

Rebecca Hartman’s blog posts are outright shining. If you wanted to know the difference between different kinds of insomnia, head right on over to her Herbwife’s Kitchen. . . . If I were to do a “best herbal blog for January”, Rebecca would take the prize.

Oh my goodness! (Blushing.) That’s a lot to live up to, especially considering Henriette’s blog was what inspired me to start the Herbwife’s Kitchen in the first place!

(Do check out her rundown of herbal blogs. There’s a lot of good reading out there.)

Thanks, Henriette. I’ll do my best!

Coming soon: Homemade herbal lotions for winter skin.


Welcome to the Herbwife’s Kitchen!

This is my spot on the web for cooking and musing and brewing up traditional herbal remedies. Coming soon: herbal chicken soup, remedies for “computer-daze”, and my philosophy of herbwifery.

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