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Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-06-14

  • You know it’s been raining a long time when you can pull a yellow dock root straight out of the ground without any effort. #

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Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-05-31

  • Stepped on a wasp. Thank goodness for plantain spit poultices! #
  • Rest peacefully Juliette de Baïracli Levy. #

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Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-05-24

  • Late frost. #
  • Off to cover the frost-tender plants! #
  • Our neighbor’s eggs with seven herbs from the garden. (Savory, parsley, marjoram, thyme, oregano, tarragon, sage.) Good morning! #
  • Surprised at the extent of the frost damage on my spearmint. #

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Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-05-17

  • Frustrated that the USDA plants site is down. #
  • At an herbal consult last week… Client: Can I make my tinctures with moonshine? Me: Why not? (I love being an herbalist in West Virginia.) #
  • So glad Matt Wood included tuliptree in the New World volume of the Earthwise Herbal! #
  • Wondering where the hops will climb, now that they’ve reached the porch roof… #
  • Trying to fix my poor hacked blog. (Thanks, Ellen, for letting me know!) #
  • On my way up the mountain with plant-geeky friends! #
  • So excited about the lovely calamus patch I found on the mountain today! #
  • Our neighbor’s eggs with our other neighbor’s scallions and a morel from yesterday’s walk on the mountain. #
  • The boy is an ice-cream-making fiend. This time: rose petal. #


Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-05-10

  • Glad to find so much chicory in the barnyard this year. #
  • Feeding my little tomato and pepper seedlings some well-rotted cow manure. #
  • Braised beef heart is lovely on a cool, rainy day. #
  • Oh, my, bamboo shoot season is here in earnest! Here’s what I did with them last year: (That and some mustard pickles.) #
  • Off to the farmers market! #


Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-05-03

  • Dandelions, dandelions, dandelions. Wine, syrup, oil, tincture… yum! #
  • Redbud! Dogwood! Honeysuckle! Glory be to springtime! #
  • Trying to find the time to write a real blogpost. #
  • Out of homemade sourdough… making rolled up “sandwiches” with huge spinach leaves. Yum! #
  • Brought my tomato seedlings inside. (That wind is fierce!) #
  • Ethicurean’s “Aporkalypse now!”: #
  • Theorizing the obvious about swine flu, Mexico, and antibiotics. #


Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-04-26

  • Drinking bee balm tea, and trying to be patient about planting by the signs. #
  • Adoring bee balm, which has saved my poor frayed nerves once again. #
  • Enjoying this crazy weather! Sunshine, black sky, hail, sunshine, showers, blue sky… what next? #
  • The sequel to yesterday’s crazy weather? Snow! #
  • Down a few hundred feet in elevation… fast forward Spring! #
  • Preparing for the plant explosion that will come with the warm weather. #
  • Crabapple blossoms on the mountain. #
  • Making mayonnaise with duck eggs. Wow, that stuff is thick. #
  • Dandelion wine strained off into the carboy. Such a lovely, sunny color! #

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Crabapple twitter for the week of 2009-04-19

  • Simmering reishi… such a satisfying, earthy bitter. (The boy does not agree. “Can you make it into a liqueur?”) #
  • Locked out of my blog by a wordpress upgrade. Grrr. New posts as soon as I can get back in. #
  • Admiring our tiny tomato seedlings! (Black Plum, Blue Beech, Federle, Hungarian Heart, Rose de Berne, Nyagous, Principe Borghese.) #
  • Our little sweet pepper starts are up! (Roasters: Buran, Chervena Chushka, Sweet Chocolate. Fryers: Jimmy Nardello, Marconi) #
  • I have access to my blog again! (Sorry if there were display issues this morning. I had to disable and update all my plugins.) #
  • Excited to start a new batch of honey wine! #
  • Hot pepper babies are up! Barely hot at all: Alma Paprika. Hotter: Georgia Flame, Joe’s Round, Cilegia Piccante. Rather very hot: Fatalii. #
  • Just heard “Monsanto, committed to sustainable agriculture” as a sponsor-ad on NPR. Greenwashing knows no bounds. #
  • Excited about the new ramp patch our neighbor said he’d show us. #
  • Brought my little tomato seedlings out to meet the sun! #
  • Going to gather some creasy greens flowers (aka “wild broccoli”). #
  • Tell the state of WV to allow a religious or philosophical exemption from compulsory immunization: #
  • Off to the farmers market! #
  • Cold baked potatoes with ramp aïoli. Nettle and rice frittata. Garden arugula with more ramp aïoli. Spring. #

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