Blog Party: Preserving the harvest.

It might not seem like it around here, but winter is coming.

Herb bloggers all around the northern hemisphere are putting up tinctures, drying herbs, gathering fruit. My hoarding instincts go into overdrive this time of year, and it seems I’m not the only one.

Kiva Rose of The Medicine Woman’s Roots is busy as usual. Her harvest post includes lovely recipes with names like “Mother Love” and “Summer Berry Bliss.” (And she has a new wordpress format—check it out!)

Speaking of concoctions with pretty names, Guido at A Radicle wrote about Sparkly Comfrey Powder—a way to dry comfrey for the winter with its soothing, gelatinous properties intact.

Ananda at Plant Journeys has been decanting her tinctures: wild oregano, yarrow, mugwort, red clover, and wormwood.

Darcey at Gaia’s Gifts gave us a rundown of her pickling experiments and her plans for fall harvest.

Angie over at The Herbalist’s Path gave us quite a rundown too, with garden harvest details as well as her experiments with nasturtium tincture.

And we have a new blog party contributor: Michelle at Witches’ Dozen wrote about making rose-infused honey and included a lovely picture of one of her roses. Welcome, Michelle!

Oh, and I wrote about elderberry wine. (The best thing ever . . . in the winter, by the fire, with a book. Yes.)

Next month’s party: What’s the plant that got you into all this?

Hosted by Darcey at Gaia’s Gifts.

Darcey wants to know, what was your first “plant ally”? Tell us all about it.

As usual, post your entry at the end of the month and email Darcey with a link.

As for me, I’m looking forward to visiting the party on someone else’s blog!


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